RESOURCES FOR WRITERS AND WRITING INSTRUCTORS  45 ideas for Class Blogs.  This site lists at least 45 ways to utilize your class blog as a tool for student learning.  The ideas are so creative that they really got my creativity flowing and I would love to incorporate some of these ideas if I were to ever really write a blog.    Excellent instructional ideas for creative lesson plans in writing.  I could see implementing variations of at least 5 of these 11 lessons in a writing class for high school students or adults. Examples include writing work history and resumes for fictional characters (idea expansion – students could also write or respond to want ads and write cover letters), analyzing restaurant reviews and writing a review of a favorite local restaurant, or students cover a local event from various perspectives.  National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy.   Each issue of the “Focus on Basics” publication addresses the specific learning needs of specific populations of adult learners, for example English for Speakers of Other Languages, adults in the corrections setting, adults in the workplace, and adults with learning disabilities.  Not only are there suggestions for teaching approaches and activities, but also academic research as well as articles that provide perspectives from educators’ and learners’ points of view, which would be helpful as I approach teaching non-traditional young adult and adult students.  English Grammar 101 is a self-paced learning/review program that offers free online lessons for learners to acquire or review basic skills, test their knowledge, and get immediate scores and feedback.  I could see using this resource for independent skill building, especially for adults with different levels of background skills/knowledge. answers all the grammar questions that you forgot (or never knew in the first place). You can even search for specific topics.   This is a great resource to prepare for classes or to handle those student questions you just don’t know how to answer.  Also, there are several other categories, including Word Origins (which is always of personal interest to me).



  1. 3 Stars
    – Dr. Grammar is a great resource for me because I forgot/never learned a lot of the rules that I am expected to teach.
    – I enjoyed how you used creating blogs as a writing resource. I know I had a great time creating and writing in my blog.
    -As we get older learning how to create resumes is a critical skill

    1 Wish
    – How do you use them in your classroom?

  2. I liked the site because there is a link for math lessons that are aligned to the standards. Thanks for the great info.

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